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Our program is composed of modules, which can be used as stand-alones or in conjunction with each other. To ensure each module does exactly what is needed we are developing them separately, based on input/feedback from users. You tell was what makes each module better and we implement it.

We believe this development model works best and we reward our clients with free use of each module being developed. You pay NOTHING. Once the module has been tweaked and re-tweaked we launch it "commercially".

For the first year after the development of a module, we offer a 20 percent discount to the clients who helped us develop it.

Why Modules? You Pay Only for What You Use!
A modular system allows you to choose what you want and not want from the program.


Extremely low learning curve. You are up and running in less than 15 minutes!
Responsive design, looks great and works on any device including tablets, phones (iOS, Android & Windows) or computers (PC or Mac).
Track looks, repeat looks, repository views, scopes, heart scans, ultrasounds, x-rays and more on multiple devices, from anywhere.
Generate automated emails to owners at the end of the day, including detailed & summary reports, vet reports and additional notes customized for each owner.
Phone-specific report with summary of views and sales results.
Customization available for your specific needs.
Easily import horses from the sales company website.
Your data is stored and backed up on a secure server accessible from any browser.
No more copying the program to a laptop to take to the sale!
No more tallying cards and manually emailing reports to owners!
No more calling the barn to get information just log in on any device!
No additional software required!


Each module has a stand-alone price and a sliding scale cost for those who use 2 or more modules. The more modules you use the more reasonably priced the program becomes.

We are currently offering the "At the Sale" module for a flat fee of $850/year (or $14 per horse if you prefer).

Note to Current UsersTo renew your subscription just log into your account and click on the "ADD CREDIT" button (on the top bar of your admin panel), select "PAY FLAT FEE" or "PAY PER HORSE", then click on the green button for that option.

The software is being developed by Equus Media in collaboration with Rene Thompson Leaver, developer of Consignor Sales Management software.